SISA-konferensen 2018, Luleå Tekniska Universitet

2018-års SISA-konferens och årsmöte kommer att genomföras den 1-2 oktober på Campus Porsön, Luleå. Årets värd är Luleå Tekniska Universitet, Informationssystem.

Dag 1 startar kl 13.00 och vi avslutar dag 2 kl 12.00.
Klockan 13.00 dag 2 hålls SISAs årsmöte.

Program [UPDATED: 2018-09-26]

As our university rules require use of pre-contracted services for booking dinners, we need for those participating in the dinner (from outside LTU) to PRE-PAY the dinner, SEK 600, preferably at latest this week, Thursday or Friday. (OBS! If you registered for the dinner BUT CANNOT COME, please inform Tero immediately – we have ordered for those who have registered! We have also ordered 3 vegetarian menus – for the menu, see the updated prg.). Please follow the instructions:

Dinner at Bistro Norrland, kl. 18.00 Monday October 1st, Tables for 23 persons.

Each participant to contact NEX Travel with their credit card details: card number, name of card holder, expiry date and cvc code (by phone or e-mail)

Amount to be charged: SEK 600 per person

Payment by invoice to each participant will not be accepted

Contact details to NEX by phone or email:

Phone +46 (0)920 75330 – ask for Ann-Christin Sandström


Participant is obliged to report any food allergy


OBS! The dinner is one hour earlier than initially announced, 18.00, at Bistro Norrland, in the city, Norra Strandgatan 3

OBS2! I would still need 2-3 (or more!) volunteers to prepare 5-min standpoint for the panel Framtida utmaningar för utbildningar inom informationssystem. – so far we have one interesting opening by,Robotization in Education, by prof. Ahmed Elragal, LTU – the discussion would be nice to have in English if possible (as we will have some international participants).

OBS3! The dinner payment also covers lunch for those staying on the second day & coffees – of which LTU will in the end sponsor a good percentage (it would have been unfeasible to separate these pre-payments)


Welcome to Luleå,

Tero Päivärinta, Ordförande